Desert Snow is now the approved Glice® Synthetic Ice Rink Partner for the Middle East region.

Cutting edge manufacturing processes, high grade raw materials and high tech manufacturing result in the world’s most advanced artificial ice technology.

The founders of Glice were appalled by the enormous amounts of energy and water needed for the production of conventional ice. On the other hand, the founders, being athletes themselves, knew that only with a truly revolutionary, new development in the field of synthetic ice top hockey players and figure skaters would actually accept artificial ice as a real alternative to frozen ice.

Hence, Glice® formed a team with the best athletes and scientists to achieve this ambitious goals. The result was Glice®, which emerged to become the world’s top selling synthetic ice product.

Glice® is the world leader of premium synthetic ice rinks. Glice® Zero Energy plastic ice rinks work without electricity or water.

For more information please call +971 4 338 5578 or email

+971 4 338 5578

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