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Iridescent Flake 100g
Iridescent Flake 100g
Iridescent Flake 100g

Iridescent Flake 100g

  • Clear iridescent plastic flakes
  • Ideal top dressing for artificial snow
  • Shimmering effect

Add some magic with this beautiful pearlescent, Iridescent flake. Perfect for finishing eye-catching displays or to add fantasy into a scene.

As used in hundreds of TV series and feature films, from the Ice Queen’s palace in Narnia to the wedding in Nanny McFee. Iridescent Flake glistens, shines and shimmers with rainbow colours, like rainbow Arctic pearls.

Use on its own sprinkled over a table or over white carpet like confetti for parties or weddings.

Coverage Guide:
  • 100g of flake creates a solid coverage over 0.5sqm (70cm x 70cm)
  • 100g of flake creates a heavy coverage over 1sqm (1m x 1m)
  • For 10 seat banquet tables as confetti allow one 100g bag per table
  • For a light sprinkling over snow or carpet allow 100g per 16sqm (4m x 4m)
Tip: Best used as a top-dressing on larger particle snows like Display Snow Medium. If you are using Polymer or Display Snow Fine, use Ice Sparkle.


Download MSDS of Iridescent Flake 100g