Falling Snow Fluid
Falling Snow Fluid
Falling Snow Fluid

Falling Snow Fluid

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  • Snow Fluid for use your own falling snow machine
  • High quality and extremely realistic effect suitable for HD & 4K film making
  • 5L bottle provides approx. 25minutes of falling snow effect from one of our standard snow machines at a realistic 'heavy snow' flake size.
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Non-toxic, non staining & odourless
  • Fast evaporating, might cause a slip hazard if snowflakes are allowed to build up

This fluid will work in most electrically powered falling snow machines that aerate liquid to create a foam through a gauze or sock.

Not recommended for use in shop windows due to moisture content.

Desert Snow offers a range of falling snow machines available for rental. Please contact +971 4 338 5578 for more information.


Download MSDS of ProFlake 'Ready to Use' Falling Snow Fluid 5L